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The MindShaping Philosophy

Noun: mind-shape

Variants: mindshaper also mindshaping

Definition of mindshape:

  1. Developing the mind, growing its capacity for integrating new concepts, increasing its awareness, resilience, and resourcefulness.
  2. Discovering and creating ways for the mind to operate in an optimal state.

When you’re feeling tired, jaded, and not enjoying the things you’re doing, telling yourself to ‘be positive’, ‘be grateful’, and ‘keep going’ is not helpful and can make you feel worse. When clients start our programs, many of them say they try to be positive, but feel like they’re getting nowhere.

Telling yourself everything will be okay without constructing a plan or a vision of a different pathway is setting yourself up for disappointment. When you work to get your mind into better shape by expanding its awareness and learning to understand its foibles and strengths, you’ll be better able to integrate change.

At LionHeart Society we believe in solutions focused thinking; that is, being honest, pragmatic, proactive and creative. For this, curiosity is required, you must ask yourself what else is possible, what other choices are there, how do you get to where you want to be, from here? Working on your mind, getting it into better shape and curating a brain that learns to automatically search for ways to think and do differently as it seeks greater results and fulfilment is the only way to learn, grow and evolve through your lifetime.

Our MindShape clients who join our programs experience the benefits that mindshaping with the intent to create change, growth and results brings. We all know the importance of getting our bodies into shape, yet nothing happens if the mind hasn’t gone there first. Head over to our Services page to see what program will help you create the MindShape System that can serve you for life!

The Lionheart Society Philosophy

Are you being called to honour your authentic self, while also positively impacting those in your personal and professional circle?

Lionheart Society supports individuals, leaders and managers who are looking to become the best versions of themselves.

The key elements of becoming Lionhearted:

  • Constantly challenging oneself.
  • Taking every single opportunity without regrets.
  • Learning, developing, and seeing beauty in all of life’s moments no matter how big or small they may be.
  • Knowing what you’re worth, treating yourself like you deserve to be treated.
  • Simply, just being you and being brave.

A Lionheart never gives up on their dreams.

Urban Dictionary

Corrine Allison Mindset Coach

When you become LionHearted and lead yourself in life and business, you gain freedom.

You take responsibility for where you are today, where you’re going tomorrow, and you call on your knowledge from yesterday, using it to your best advantage. Facing fears, worries, and pressures head on and discovering ways to learn, grow and evolve helps edge you closer to the life you can choose to design for yourself.

Not all of us enjoy challenging ourselves and seizing opportunity when it presents itself. We can spend so long making decisions that the moment passes and the opportunity fades.

Sometimes we decide it was a good thing we waited but many times, we live with regret. That love (or separation), that job, that opportunity to do something where you truly felt alive, free and the leader of your destiny disappears because you didn’t act.


You are LionHearted when:

  • You know the things that don’t work out so well are simply lessons to be learned, that life is a miracle and each day, in every way, is a blessing.
  • You back yourself to the hilt, unwavering in your determination to be the best person you can possibly be.
  • You understand you are here to bravely love yourself and others with a fierceness and tenderness that brings immense joy and fulfilment.
  • You know you are always enough and, as you grow and evolve over your lifetime, your wisdom delivers the knowing that yours is a life that is being well lived.

You only get one shot at life. How do you want to tell its story when you’re in your twilight years? What will you regret in your rocking chair moment, the one where you reflect on who you are at this, the end of your life and who you wished you could have been? Did you do everything you could to be damn proud of who you are? Did you show up each day to live your life as your best self?

To answer yes to these questions and be truly LionHearted, you must always work to keep your mind in great shape. See how our programs help shape your mind to become the leader of your life so you can live it, your way.