The Magic of Intention

The majority of us have good intentions most of the time; we tell ourselves a story that will make us feel good in the moment about why we want the things we do as we imagine the benefits to ourselves, and others. Sometimes we set an intention knowing full well we won’t action it; the jokes about meeting friends for one drink and then going home several bottles later are widespread (and that’s just an example, it could be an intention about phone habits, reading, exercising, not eating junk). Most of us at some point have set an intention for the day/week/month/year only to self-sabotage our desires by not taking defined, strategic action. We beat ourselves up and tell ourselves that we’ve disappointed and discouraged ourselves and it’s around then we decide we’re not enough. If we’re not careful, life can become a series of well-intentioned nonevents, lower than anticipated and wished for achievements, moments lost, and disappointing gains all because the execution of our intention was destroyed by our inaction.

Now that you’re thinking about this, can you relate to a time when your intentions were pure, when you knew the things you wanted to achieve but you came in lower than the bar you had set for yourself, and you were disappointed with the results? And if this has happened, did you give up? Did you decide to tolerate the conditions and live a life where your job is fine, your relationships are fine, your health is okay, everything is not great but it’s tolerable? This is what a surprisingly large number of people do. They set an intention for change or a goal, they don’t consider any strategy, they decide something’s going to happen and they think that’s enough for change to happen. They don’t evaluate, review, and tweak their strategy because there isn’t one and then they fail; and rather than learning from their mistakes and developing new ways to get to where they want to be, they give up, become disillusioned, develop anxieties, medicate themselves with drugs (prescribed or recreational), alcohol, or whatever else floats their boat because they’re feeling depressed, and they decide this is how their life has to be now. They take on the view that they never win, they’re out of luck, life is a hard slog! I know this to be true because this was once me, it’s many of my clients and it’s also a vast number of the people I’ve observed, managed, and known over the years.

If you can relate to this, the best thing you can do for yourself right now is accept and acknowledge that this way of thinking is a choice. You don’t have to continue on with a life you tolerate. You can change the way you think, get your mind into shape, and design a new life. If you don’t, you’re choosing to maintain an attitude that life is tolerable with only fleeting moments of satisfaction and happiness; and if you choose this, you’ll never lead yourself to a good place and have the things you want. I’m guessing you already work really hard to have a good life; yes, you can do a lot of the things you want, but maybe not as often as you’d like to, you set small to medium goals and life is ticking along and things are fine. Fine is not good though and you feel that a lot. The problem you face is you want more, you want happiness and even though you work harder and harder, the problem feels like it’s getting bigger, and as happiness becomes increasingly evasive, you become less satisfied with your lot in life. We live in a paradigm where we’ve been led to believe that putting our nose to the grindstone and working hard, being selfless, doing good things for others and putting in extra, is what creates great results. But that’s not the right formula for a life well lived. Life doesn’t randomly select citizens and throw love, light and fairy dust on them to bestow them with the cool ride, riches, and opportunities you’re missing out on; you’ve got to set your intention, create a plan, and have faith your effort, commitment, agility, and persistence, will eventually, little by little, deliver gains and rewards. When you’re prepared to change the plan, look for alternate options and be flexible and agile, when you refuse to give up and surrender and instead move forward with the faith your strategy will pay off, you’ll move from a place where life is tolerable to one where life is fulfilling, joyful and meaningful. This is still work but it’s not the way of working most of us have been taught and if we’re going to change the things in our lives, we have to change the way we think about that.

Dr Wayne Dyer said ‘our intention creates our reality’ and when he said this he meant that when we are being purposeful about what we want to create and accomplish, we physically can create our reality. This is because the intentions we set for today will influence the life we live tomorrow. So rather than live a life without intention, choose to make a choice for change; choose to be intentional about your life, look at the big picture and consider your why which means what’s your purpose, vision, dream? What are you prepared to do, give, commit, as you start to think about thinking of the things you want to create? It’s in this space, you set intention and commit to a course of action. Decide; are you going all in with this? WHY are you doing this? This is the container where you set the tone for your aspirations, motivations, and goals. Where do you want to end up, what do you want to achieve, how badly do you want it? Intention combines long term motivation and present focus and it’s here you must commit to a course of action for the goals you want to achieve and the magic you want to see in your life.

As you create the big picture, look at your values, ensure they are in alignment. Tap into the emotions of this. Do you have beliefs, values, and goals in conflict? Are there conflicts with other people? How will you navigate this? Get aligned, get integrated and create a clear and compelling vision for the things you most desire! Here’s a tip when you’re setting your intentions; if you try to change and work on too many things at the same time, you start dropping balls and self-sabotage other areas of your life, so set your priorities and be clear about your strategy for the way forward.  

Now you know that your intentions supported by strategy, an idea of what obstacles and opportunities may present themselves (but being prepared to keep an eye out for others you haven’t yet identified), being super clear about what you will and won’t do and considering what habits you need to break or create, will move you from a life you tolerate to a life of fulfillment, joy and meaning. You’re already working hard, it’s time to work smart! Tap into your magic, I did, and I haven’t look back. I moved on from a difficult and rocky marriage, a career that made me miserable and I gave up living in the shadow of fear and anxiety. Today, I show up, I do the work in ways I’ve never worked before, I don’t always get it right, but I have a good crack and the joy and contentment I experience is the best of the best feelings I had ever hoped for. This can be you, too. Tap into your inner magic, train your mind, and get it into great shape so you can live a life of RICHES, whatever that is for you.

Within reason, wherever you are now, and wherever it is you want to be, you can get there from here; you just have to make a start and you do this by deciding to get your mind into shape so you can life a life of RICHES. A life filled with RICHES is one where we learn to love ourselves completely and create great life choices. You can download Module 1 which is all about Reflection for free, click on the button below. For your free first module of our RICHES program, click here. If you want to work with me and learn ways to become the love of your life, head over to my booking page on this website to book your free, 30 minute Clarity Call.

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