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Corrine knows how to connect and take you places you definitely want to go, to find yourself, your answers toward your goals, whilst knowing you're heard and safe in her knowledgeable presence.

I just can't get enough and I'm so glad I took this first step down this amazing self-growth road.

Michelle, South Australia

I started working with Corrine as a hypnotherapist to breakthrough a block that was really challenging me and limiting from fully engaging in my life.

From the beginning she was so approachable and responsive and I immediately noticed changes in how I was feeling and acting.  I really appreciated how she worked with me from where I was at and tailored her responses to my needs.

I recommend her highly to help anyone who wants to change their thoughts and behaviours.

Wendy, Adelaide


I have just completed a twelve week personal development course with Corrine Allison, which was individually tailored to my personal needs. I am amazed by the rapid changes I can see in my own mindset and outlook on life, together with the improved way in which I respond to daily situations, BUT, to top it off, I now sleep so much better. How fabulous it is not to be awake at 3.00am unable to go back to sleep.

Lionheart Mindset. Fear Less, Live More. This says it all in my experience.

I have absolutely no hesitation in recommending Corrine and Lionheart Mindset. Her professionalism, coupled with a passion for what she does, as well as her ability to use language that can be easily understood is second to none.

Alison, South Australia

I have had the pleasure of working with Corrine as both a business coach and a personal/life coach.

As a business coach, she has been instrumental in performing a whole of business review, helping me to optimize the running of my business and to develop a sound business plan moving forward. As a life coach, Corrine has helped me work my way through some personal and emotional blocks. She has assisted me in constructing and implementing a cohesive and workable plan for my future, blending both my business and personal goals. Corrine has the rare combination of both highly developed business acumen with both an MBA and many years of practical experience in business, and qualifications and expertise in life coaching, neurolinguistic programming and hypnotherapy.

As someone who has had hypnotherapy before, I can attest to her outstanding skill as a hypnotherapist. I highly recommend Corrine to anyone seeking a personal or business coach.

Ms L, South Australia


Corrine offers an insightful and practical way of helping you negotiate the path of positive change and gives you skills and simple tools to affect these changes. I highly recommend you try working with her to improve your ability to initiate positive change.

Jason, Queensland

I signed up for Corrine's Hypnotherapy Programme hoping it would help me reduce, not give up, alcohol.

I have a successful career and had been a high-functioning alcoholic for nearly 20 years. I'd tried several other methods, all of which were short lived. I'm not only excited to say it has been successful - I'm now down to 2-3 drinks a night, and 3 AFDs a week, but I got several unexpected benefits like improved confidence, have laid issues from my past to rest and am generally more calm.

Corrine is a delight to work with - she genuinely cares, is kind and non-judgemental, and will flex her programme to suit your individual needs. I would highly recommend her for life's issues, taking your career or business to the next level, or helping you to become the best version of yourself.

‘A’, name withheld on request, South Australia


I have just completed Corrine’s 12 week course and found it hugely beneficial to both my business and personal life.

Prior to starting the course I was completely lost in terms of my personal and professional goals and values. Corrine helped me to work through and identify my values carefully, giving me much more clarity and purpose. We have also applied those values to set some clear and measurable goals for me over the next 12 months to keep me on track.

With Corrine’s business background and experience she also helped me work through some my business planning issues and ideas. Overall it was really helpful and well worth it.

Mr R, name withheld on request, Adelaide.

It is with great pleasure I share my experience to support Corrine Allison from Lionheart Mindset - a professional program for business owners and leaders with exam anxiety.

My confidence in life and business is usually high and most people were shocked when I shared my fear and anxiety surrounding exams. The thought of an exam would take me straight to mental blocks, heart racing sweats, and feeling like I could fake a medical exposure just to get out of the room! I have been able to get through life without addressing this issue until the future survival of my business and career depended on it.

After meeting Corrine Allison from Lionhearted Mindset and listening to a presentation on limiting beliefs, I made contact to see if she could help me. I have no words that could express the gratitude I have for Corrine. My whole family have noticed the change in me and my mindset. I felt I was a confident person before my experience with Corrine and yet this has taken me to a whole new level. Within 3 consultations my mindset and limiting beliefs surrounding exams had disappeared. Corrine provided the tools to support my study and break down years of anxiety surrounding exams.

Within a month of working with Corrine, I complete and passed my exam feeling relaxed, confident and accomplish. I am so comfortable with the exams, I have now enrolled in additional study knowing I have to tools and mindset to overcome future study obstacles. I cannot recommend Corrine’s program and support enough; she has changed my lens on life and opened my mind to the endless possibilities in life and business. I continue to recommend her services to support clients and colleagues navigate the challenges of life and business.

Liz, Adelaide.


Experienced my first session with Corrine Allison yesterday and explored a rather foreign feeling place I am right now with my life, my health and my business. Corrine delivered the most beautiful mix of wisdom, insights and meditation to support me in finding the gold I had tucked away unconsciously and bringing it to air.

Today was a new day, and one full of the energy I was having so much trouble accessing by myself. Thank you Corrine, see you at the next session.

Eliza, Victoria.

Corrine, thank you so much for helping me release some really challenging beliefs about my self worth today. I’ve often felt I wasn’t good enough.

But today your loving, gentle guidance allowed me the safety to look deep inside, remove the unhealthy self talk and fill me with purse love, acceptance and gratitude for myself, my life and everyone I share this journey with.

Nikki, Adelaide.


I've been receiving coaching from Corrine on and off for a few years now, whenever I need some help around mindset and strategy. Most recently, Corrine helped me navigate some big diet and lifestyle changes that were necessary for the benefit of my health. I'm so grateful for the really useful tools Corrine has given me so that I can better assist myself through the changes with an ease and empowerment I didn't think would be possible.

Thank you so much Corrine - myself and my internal support team are so grateful that you brought us together and we're happy to report we're seeing lots of positive health changes as a result!

Nicky, Aldinga.

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