Tapping into your inner magic

What is it that makes your light shine? When do you feel the most lit up, like life is wonderful, joyous and fulfilling? Some of you might say all the time, others may say now and again, and others may say never and not even know or understand what I’m talking about! From what I’ve seen, it’s not common to feel like your light is shining brightly all of the time 24/7, it would be an unusual life indeed if you never had cause to feel sadness, anger, fear or pressure but through those times, knowing the light of your magic is still burning can provide great comfort, help you be more resilient and keep your inner sat-nav on its true course.

Tapping into your inner magic can be easy when things are going well for you, but there are times when you can forget about its presence and power as you live the day-to-day, other times its presence is very faint and distant and there are the trying times when life is hard, and it doesn’t feel like you’ve got any light to shine on the situation at all. This is the time when creating space to reconnect with your magic, your soul, your spirit is the most important. You can’t change the way you feel about something that has happened or is happening, but you can change the way you think about the way you feel. If you think that the feeling will never go away, that it’s painful and hard to handle then that’s the story you’re telling yourself and the memories and the pain you’ve invoked loop repeatedly, entrenching themselves in your neural wiring. What happens then is you become self-protective, never wanting to experience those feelings again and you can lose your composure more quickly. You become afraid of life and all the things that you know will make you feel more down, more worried and less empowered. That’s no way to move and grow through life; rather, it’s important to acknowledge your vulnerability, sit with the pain, allow yourself time to process it and then, only then, will you feel a little spark inside of you shining its light on a solution, a way through and inviting you to let it glow and grow more brightly.

Many clients I work with have lost the connection to their magic, they see me because they’re transitioning through a life, relationship or business phase and they feel overwhelmed, anxious, unsure of the next steps and their confidence is a little shaky. Through hypnosis, it rarely takes long for them to reconnect to their essence, their superpower, and their wondrousness; this isn’t me doing this for them, it’s them showing up, doing the work, creating the space, craving more, wanting change, seeking their power and diving in. When people rediscover their magic there’s always a tear that falls down their cheek and for me, I cry bucket loads because when your magic reappears you glow in a way that shines like the diamond you are, and I always feel privileged to witness such a beautiful transformation.

Keeping in tune with your magic daily is good practice for your mental and emotional wellbeing. It doesn’t take much; everyone of course likes to shake it up and so do the things that feel right for you. There’s no right or wrong way, if you’re able to connect with your soul, spirit and inner magic then that’s the way forward for you. Sometimes you can do the same things for ages, and you start to lose your sparkle, that’s okay it probably just means it’s time for you to grow, evolve and calibrate to a greater version of you. So, what things work well for tapping into your inner magic, connecting with it and allowing it to lead you through your life so you can live it in a way that fulfills you?

Self-awareness and self-belief are your guide so be aware of your thoughts. Understand that you have the power to change your thoughts any time you choose. You may not like the things you’re experiencing or feeling but you can be an observer of what’s happening and decide the best way forward for you. Seek help from others, allow yourself to be objectively optimistic by creating a realistic plan that will support you through whatever you’re going through and then, believe with all your heart that the best outcome possible is going to happen for you.

Worry and anxiety are not your friend. Reread the previous paragraph about self-awareness, self-belief and seeking help and guidance before you need it.

Release the need to judge yourself and others. Judgement deadens your spark, dulls your aura, and makes you bitter. Anyone can succumb to judgement, envy and the resulting hurt it creates for you and others; let this go. This doesn’t mean you don’t be wary, careful or cautious but it does mean, very simply, don’t judge other people, their lives, their choices. If you don’t like the choices and behaviour of people in your corner of the world, change the scenery, and do so kindly. Gabby Bernstein says when you judge you’re in a mindset of divide and separate rather than unite and heal. You cannot heal yourself and others, you cannot grow magic and shine your light when you do so from a place of anything but acceptance for yourself and others.

Gratitude is a fabulous way to tap into your magic; appreciation and thankfulness are like a warm hug, if you nurture them and let them grow. Understanding why you feel gratitude for the things you treasure in your life can change your physiology and move you from a state of anxiety and overwhelm to a state of comfort and acceptance. When you take the time to journal or say out loud why you’re grateful for the good and not so bad things in your life, you process your feelings at a level where you’re subconsciously aligning them to your values, your beliefs, your inner sat-nav; you connect to your True North and you view the world as a much kinder place. In time and with practice, you can process your uncomfortable feelings and feel the support of your inner being holding you, loving you and supporting you and being grateful for the experience.

Doing for others is another way to tap into the magic that is you. Whether you work, volunteer or help out family or friends, to be of service for the greater good of others helps you to tap into levels of power you didn’t know existed. Think about a time someone you cared for really needed you, they couldn’t get through without out you; you found a way to help them, you knew you were making a difference in their life, and it felt good. Keep doing this, not just for others but because it’s good for you! There is always a way to serve and help others and in doing so, our light shines brighter and our magic grows.

So now you’ve got some idea of ways to connect to your soul, your spirit, your inner magic; I haven’t even touched on the power of meditation, exercise, laughter therapy, EFT, connection, prayer, the list is endless so make the time to tap into what works best for you as your nurture and grow your inner light and shine it as a beautiful beacon for the world to see.

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