Make time your friend!

What is time? It’s the progression of events from the past to the present and into the future. The construct of time is essential for us to live our lives in the way our world works. Many of us are a slave to time. We use it to set goals and targets and we become stressed, pressured, and anxious as we race to meet deadlines. Some of us procrastinate and waste time wanting something to happen but never creating, never actioning our desires, and time feels like its running out. Other people have unrealistic expectations of time and expect things to happen quickly, wanting instant gratification rather than understanding that there is much work to be done and all the planets need to align before we achieve ‘overnight success’.

I’ve been paying extra attention to time lately because I’ve just travelled interstate to visit my daughter. There was the anticipatory excitement of seeing her, planning all the things we were going to do, and because I was impatient to see her, it felt like this time would never come. Then suddenly, the day for my flight arrived and time began to feel like it was speeding up, going so fast that I set the intention to appreciate every precious second I spent with my daughter because I knew it would be over too soon. I’m always curious about why, once we’re on holiday and enjoying life day to day, time can feel slow but strangely moves quickly and, before you know it, we’re on the plane back home!

Time moves the way it moves but however it feels for you in the moment and particularly when it’s time for life change you must trust you will know and feel the tug and pull to get moving. Whether you’re transitioning through the beginning or end of a relationship or making an important career or business move, having faith and trust in yourself and the timing of your decisions can be difficult. We can question our reason, judgement, gut or intuition and we can choose to either take a leap of faith or we stay stuck.

Have you ever, like so many of my clients (and myself included), been brave, taken a leap of faith and been disappointed when you didn’t get the result you wanted straight away? You really wanted all the things in next to no time or with not enough effort and work and you wasted time wishing that time would hurry up and deliver your desires. Did you become frustrated when they didn’t come your way and then found yourself applying more pressure, setting unrealistic time limits on tasks, telling yourself that you had to achieve your goals and dreams and a certain way of living by a specific time? It’s around that time your inner voice says you’re not enough because you’re failing, and at that time, as you set yourself up for discouragement, you lose hope; you may even want to give up. But don’t, ever give up, just try another way, make a different move, shake it up and keep going.

Here’s some tips to get your mind into shape and develop empowering beliefs that your next move is the right one at the right time for you:

🦁 Take some time out for you to gain clarity about what you really want – the space of a holiday can be the ideal opportunity for you to do this.

🦁 Make sure your decision aligns with your values.

🦁 Ask likeminded people who have stepped this path already for advice.

🦁 Take full responsibility for the outcome with the intention that you are prepared to learn, adapt and grow through the experience.

🦁 Trust you will always be okay.

If you don’t trust and back yourself you get stuck in a procrastination, anxiety, unhappiness and inertia – nothing happens because you’re making nothing new happen! That’s not what you’re here for; you’re here to experience a life of RICHES, one where you trust yourself to move, grow and evolve through a life of fulfilment and joy. Acting on that trust can be scary but it’s worth the effort. Stop being a slave to time! Instead, create ways to be it’s Master. Tell yourself you can do the things you want and need to do in your personal and business life. Develop your goals, dreams, targets with clarity and realistic time frames. Be prepared to adjust, change and after those plans if necessary. Befriend time and enjoy the progression of events that take you from the beginning to the end of all that you do.

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