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In Life And Business.

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"Lions learn from their mistakes; they evolve into stronger, more capable beings every day. They know they are enough."

Are you being called to honour your authentic self, while also positively impacting those in your personal and professional circle?

Lionheart Society supports individuals, leaders and managers who are looking to become the best versions of themselves.

If you want to forge a new pathway in life by gaining clarity about what you truly want, to take the lead in a calm, assertive way, and empower those you influence, Lionheart Society has what you’re looking for.

The LionHeart; Fear Less, Live More philosophy, is based simply on stepping up and out of our comfort zone, and letting the magic of life happen. At LionHeart Society, we guide you to become comfortable with being uncomfortable in your quest for a more fulfilled life.

MindHeart Mindshape

MindHeart Mindshape

This program involves personal, life and career transition mindset coaching: combining hypnotherapy, neurolinguistic and time line therapies to help you transition through personal, life and career challenges.

Learn more about our tailored individual programs to help you discover your inner strengths and jewels, as we explore the reasons you are ‘stuck’ in areas of your life that need to change.

LionHeart Business

LionHeart Business

This program has been developed to provide thought provoking insights as we develop your leadership and management skills.

You'll also increase your emotional and cultural intelligence and gain a deeper awareness of the traits of high performing leaders.