Creation – how to build your life, your way!

How would you like to Create a life where your dreams inspire you and, like the North Star, guide your consistency and persistence so you can lead yourself to them in a way that is not only believable but achievable? It would be super cool to get a glimpse into the future and receive the assurance that you’re on the right track, that you’re not going to bomb but certainty is never a given and because this is so, you have to Create the belief that things will turn out just as you hope; you can do this by forward thinking, planning, sensibly gambling on the outcome and trusting in yourself.

For me to keep moving forward with my plans for life, wellbeing, relationships, and business I need to see small indicators of success along the way. I do this by establishing reasonable metrics that show me I’m making progress. Before I get to that stage of planning though there’s a lot of pre-work that goes on and I devote time, energy, and love to establish my dreams. I give myself permission to spend time daydreaming and creating the vision, I explore the reasons why these dreams and goals are important to me, and I consider what exactly it is I want from them and what they will bring for me; I allow myself to imagine what will my world look, sound, and feel like once I’ve achieved the things I want.

Those actions are the ‘RI’ steps of our RICHES program, Reflection, and Intention. Once those parts are established, it’s time to get on with the empowering space of Creation. Were you aware you can Create a blueprint for your goals that won’t discourage you when results are minimal or heading backwards? And if you did know you could set yourself up for success, would it then be easier for you show up every day doing the things that need to be done as you take the action steps to chase your dream no matter what?

In RICHES, the letter ‘C’ represents Creation; it’s the container that designs the plan for your life, your business, your dreams. Eleanor Roosevelt said ‘the future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams’; maybe this sounds whimsical and unbelievable to you or maybe it resonates as yet another sign that it’s just a matter of time until life starts to happen your way. However you interpret that quote depends on your perspective, self-beliefs, and your ability to create good plans that take you closer, step by step, to the things you’re dreaming about, your wishes, your desires, your goals.

Using your dreams to motivate and inspire can be tricky if you don’t create an accompanying plan and steps of action to guide them to fruition. The best dreams are a touch unreachable, a tad (or a lot depending on your adventurousness) unrealistic, and also, they need to be scare you so they push and stretch you to be your best. Bestselling author and podcaster Ruth Soukup once famously quoted, “If your goal doesn’t scare you, it’s not big enough” and so allow the sky to be not even the limit! Of course, dreams need to have a healthy dose of realism; there’s no point dreaming about losing 5 kg, competing in a triathlon, or manifesting millions of dollars without laying down the foundations, creating an action plan and doing the work to get you there.

So, how do you inspire yourself to take your dreams to levels where they become a reality? You have to set goals because success is easy to achieve once you set your mind on a specific goal. Aristotle taught this in Ancient Greece and still today setting goals remains important because they provide us with long-term vision and short-term motivation. If we don’t take the process of setting goals seriously, we can sabotage our desires, feel like we’re failures or not good enough, smart enough, educated enough, cashed up enough (fill in the blank) and we start to tell ourselves that we cannot achieve our dreams and ambitions.  Not setting goals effectively means we procrastinate, we decide to wait until the time is ‘right’, and we become increasingly unhappy as we realise the right time rarely magically appears. When creating your dream, vision, goals, keep uppermost in your thoughts the Lionheart 5-point System for setting goals that we have partly based on Mindvalley’s goal setting guidelines:

  1. Let this or something better happen. Always this!
  • Remember the 80/20 rule of success. You can change this percentage, but did you know Google run with a 60/40. They aim to hit 60% of their goals and the remaining 40% are a bonus if they achieve them; they view them as learning points and a way to fail forward in business. We can adapt this method to anything in life.
  • Question everything when looking at effectiveness. What BRULES (bullshit rules created by society, your workplace, people in your life or you and your own stories) are you heeding that could be broken? How are you going to measure your effectiveness and steps to success?
  • Check your goals are congruent with your values. If your goals and values are not aligned, you won’t develop or support the consistency, persistence, and commitment you need to achieve your dreams.
  • Embrace the Power of Spirit and Mastery – let intuition guide your way. Of course, being realistically objective is important. Consciously follow your intuition rather than letting it lead you blindly through life.

As you Create your goals, allow yourself to FEEL them in your body. Are they making you feel excited, driven, and committed? What are the markers that will keep you feeling fulfilled and on track? Create goals that command your thoughts, that inspire you so much that your energy is determined to push through no matter what. Hold yourself accountable and responsible knowing that nothing changes if you don’t change. Habits, emotions, and beliefs can hold us back so get comfortable with failing forward and build resilience by taking courageous yet calculated risks.

As you tap into your Creative space and create the plans for your future, remember there are things that you know, things you know you will learn along the way and things that you don’t know anything about yet that will present as either obstacles or opportunities. Be ready to accept them, let them be lessons that build skill and resilience, be agile and develop the sensory acuity to navigate your way through as you build the life of your dreams.

Within reason, wherever you are now, and wherever it is you want to be, you can get there from here; you just have to make a start and you do this by deciding to get your mind into shape so you can life a life of RICHES. A life filled with RICHES is one where we learn to love ourselves completely and create great life choices. You can download Module 1 which is all about Reflection for free, click on the button below. For your free first module of our RICHES program, click here. If you want to work with me and learn ways to become the love of your life, head over to my booking page on this website to book your free, 30 minute Clarity Call.

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