The story of living your life, your way

New year, new beginnings! I don’t know about you, but 2022 was a whirlwind because I feel like I just went crazy trying to do all the things I missed out on during the COVID lockdowns. At times, I nearly wore myself out and by the end of the year, I needed a good break.…

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Becoming effectively efficient!

In our RICHES program, the E stands for Effectiveness and is key in helping create a life that’s meaningful and fulfilling. “Efficiency is doing things right. Effectiveness is doing the right things.” is a famous quote by Peter Drucker, one of the greatest management gurus of our time. In both life and business, it’s important…

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Habits – are they setting you up for success?

Do you have great habits? Ones that keep you on track, disciplined, focused and able to get on with life, as you create change, become better skilled and help you to be the person you long to be? Some people can nail this and appear super-disciplined in all they do but some of us have…

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Creation – how to build your life, your way!

How would you like to Create a life where your dreams inspire you and, like the North Star, guide your consistency and persistence so you can lead yourself to them in a way that is not only believable but achievable? It would be super cool to get a glimpse into the future and receive the…

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The Magic of Intention

The majority of us have good intentions most of the time; we tell ourselves a story that will make us feel good in the moment about why we want the things we do as we imagine the benefits to ourselves, and others. Sometimes we set an intention knowing full well we won’t action it; the…

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Reflection – seeing the true you.

Reflection Seeing The True You

What is reflection and why is it important? It’s difficult to achieve success, set goals and create a plan for life or business if you haven’t taken the time to get clear on where you are, defined where you want to be and decided what needs to happen so you can get there from here.…

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Make time your friend!

Make Time Your Friend

What is time? It’s the progression of events from the past to the present and into the future. The construct of time is essential for us to live our lives in the way our world works. Many of us are a slave to time. We use it to set goals and targets and we become…

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Tapping into your inner magic

tapping into your inner magic

What is it that makes your light shine? When do you feel the most lit up, like life is wonderful, joyous and fulfilling? Some of you might say all the time, others may say now and again, and others may say never and not even know or understand what I’m talking about! From what I’ve…

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Only YOU can love and complete YOU!

only you complete you

A client said to me the other day, ‘everyone wants to be with someone’. Well, not everyone I know wants that and certainly not me. I’ve been on my own for around 7 years now, I love my life and even though there are times I wish I had a companion, these days I’m happy…

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How soul connection enriches your life

how soul connection enriches your life

I’ve always loved the ‘girls weekend’ away. Since my youngest was around 12, I’ve committed a weekend a year to a group of girlfriends, and we’ve had a lot of fun times. Back then, it was a big juggle because we had to make sure everyone was taken care of when we were gone, we…

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