Becoming effectively efficient!

In our RICHES program, the E stands for Effectiveness and is key in helping create a life that’s meaningful and fulfilling. “Efficiency is doing things right. Effectiveness is doing the right things.” is a famous quote by Peter Drucker, one of the greatest management gurus of our time. In both life and business, it’s important to establish success markers that will help you assess whether the things on your to-do list are truly worth ticking off. These markers can provide you with an understanding of whether you’re prioritizing in the most optimal way, how you’re tracking as you work your way to your goals and dreams and they can highlight the things that are no longer important or necessary. Being efficient might make you feel good at the time but when you establish success markers, create a love affair with those numbers and find ways to work effectively, you set yourself up to feel confident, assured and fulfilled. 

Effective people focus on doing the right things the right way, they are results driven, they can focus on the big picture and shift priorities when they need to. When we work efficiently, we focus on getting as much done as we can while expending the least amount of effort and energy; we become methodical in the way we do things and we do them the way we’ve always done them because, you know, it works! Being efficient is necessary in our busy world and we all know how to tap into that so try combining your efficiencies with effectiveness strategies and discover ways you can enhance the quality and enjoyment of your life along the way.

I spent a lot of my life as a dedicated Ms. Super-Efficient, with master task lists and sub-lists of all the things to be done for my family, work, friends and study. As I juggled all those balls, I made sure everything I did was as perfect as possible because I used to tell myself I’m a high achiever and that’s what I do. I’ve always used effectiveness markers in work and study but not so much in my personal containers; I would push and push the boundaries of how efficiently I could keep all the balls in the air and then experienced some pivotal life moments when I ran myself completely into the ground. Burnout and stress induced illness presented itself to me in my 20s, 30s and 40s; thankfully I wised up by my 50s and established health and wellbeing success markers to check in on daily. Touch wood, I’m still going strong and effectively moving my way through a healthier, happier decade!

You can create a meaningful and effective life that deflects unnecessary stress and burnout by establishing success markers in the containers that are important to you. These could be Family, Romance, Relationships, Health, Fitness, Wellbeing, Work, Finances, Spiritual self or whatever you choose, making sure they’re a good fit to complement your values and specific goals. Consider the effectiveness markers for each of your goals and how you are going to ensure that you’re not sabotaging one area of your life for another. Decide how often you’re going to check in and review how well you and your goals are tracking. Be clear about the results you want and honest about the ones you’re getting.

Creating a pulse-check audit to make sure the things you’re doing are effective will help keep you accountable as you efficiently do all the things you set out to do. Thinking about the balls you’ve got in the air, if you consistently keep them pumped up and moving at the right speed as you juggle them then you control the show. You can let the balls drop whenever you want and throw all or some of them up back up into the air as you assess what’s urgent and important; and it’s up to you to decide when new balls are going to join the act and when it’s time for old balls to be cast aside. Keeping some balls on the ground isn’t discarding them, it’s just saying, ‘not now’ which is something that a lot of us can find difficult. When you’re armed with knowledge about the effectiveness of all the things you’re juggling, you’re empowered to choose what’s best for you in that moment of time. Knowing you’re the juggler and the balls get tossed the way you want, when you want because you’ve got great intel from your success markers can help tame your inner critic as well because it knows you’re working effectively in a conscious and informed way.

Effectiveness is measured over time, and will show you’re on track, that the path you want to forge is yielding the opportunities you want. You get to ask yourself good questions, like ‘am I making good inroads toward my goals’, ‘is the blueprint still the right one or is it time to re-evaluate, tweak tactics and review my strategy, structures and systems’? ‘Is the outcome I envisioned still realistic and attainable, or do I need to adjust the lens?’ More in depth analysis comes from assessing whether you’re keeping in touch with your fulfillment markers and there may be times experts, a coach or mentor can help you with this. They can also help you discover ways to check in on your principles, beliefs, values, and goals and see if there’s any conflict between them.

Remember always to celebrate your efficiencies and effectiveness! Know how and when you will celebrate your achievements and the insights you gain from the things that don’t go so well. Celebrate that you can check the strategy and change it completely or reengineer it, reinforce it, or strengthen it. One of the best things about being effectively efficient is the eureka moments of genius and insight that pop into your head as you creatively forge your way. Importantly, it’s important to check in with the way you FEEL about what you are doing. Are you getting the emotional rewards you want? What specialized knowledge are you gleaning from your success marker audits? Checking in with yourself regularly keeps you on track. For some goals, particularly business goals, quarterly is fine but for personal change, more regular feedback on the effectiveness of your progress is essential for change to become a normal part of your life and needs to be done daily or weekly until new habits are established and embodied.

Know that within reason, wherever you are now, and wherever you want to be, you can get there from here; you just have to make a start and you do this by deciding to get your mind into shape so you can live a life of RICHES. A life filled with RICHES is one where we learn to love ourselves completely and create great life choices. You can download Module 1 which is all about Reflection for free, click on the button below. For your free first module of our RICHES program, click here. 

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