Lead Yourself,

In Life And Business


My Mission Is To Mentor & Guide People To Consciously Lead Themselves In Life & Business.

I help people get their mind, life, and business into great shape so they can do the things they’re dreaming of but, until now, have been too scared to turn into reality. As I work with people, I help them gain clarity on the challenges they’re facing in life and business and, together, we create a plan for them to move forward with confidence and agility.

It is my privilege and purpose to mentor, coach and guide self-aware, insightful, and communicative human beings who want to positively affect themselves and all those in their world.

I’m one of those people who has always been able to help, aid and assist others with their life and business goals. It’s been one of my joys and something I’m naturally good a. However, while enjoying the successes of people I have influenced to thrive; I harboured the secret I couldn’t get my own life to move past survival mode.

Over the years, as I became increasingly unhappy, I realised I was frozen in a state of inertia, sadness, and fear. My marriage, my career and my life were totally miserable, and I wasted years dreaming about the right time to make the changes that would create the happiness and freedom I craved.

Eventually, as happens in life, my hand was forced to make changes in every area of my life, and I had to get my mind very quickly into shape to design and then action the steps I had to take. Since then, I’ve never felt more free, more confident or more alive. And I’ve never looked back!

Corrine Allison Consultant

Today, it is my mission to help people before they feel as desperate, lonely, and miserable as my past self.

Don’t waste your life as I did! It is my dream that everyone within my reach feels empowered enough in their life to have the clarity, drive, and determination that allows them to live their life consciously in a state of fulfilment and joy.

Of course, life will continue to throw curve balls and challenges but when you live a life of aligned values, clear boundaries and the inner knowing that you’re on the right path for you, these obstacles become nothing more than part of the learning curve as you continue to grow, evolve, and calibrate to a better version of yourself. This is what I wish for you.

My qualifications include:

Master of Business Administration Degree from UniSA,

Certificate IV in Practice Management from UNEP,

Certified Practitioner of Hypnotherapy, and

Master Practitioner of Neuro-Linguistic Programming and Time Line Therapy.

Access Bars Practitioner

Reiki Practitioner

I combine these skills with my life skills, business acumen and leadership experience to provide insightful, transformational programs to individuals and groups.

South Australian Telstra Business Woman of the Year Finalist in 2017.

Corrine knows how to connect and take you places you definitely want to go, to find yourself, your answers toward your goals, whilst knowing you're heard and safe in her knowledgeable presence. I just can't get enough and I'm so glad I took this first step down this amazing self growth road.

Michelle, Adelaide

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