LionHeart Mindshape

Are you moving through a personal, life or career transition?

Need to get your mindset in shape?

Personal, life and career transition mindset coaching: combining hypnotherapy, neurolinguistic and time line therapies to help you transition through personal, life and career challenges.

Tailored individual programs to help you discover your inner strengths and jewels, as we explore the reasons you are ‘stuck’ in areas of your life that need to change.

We help you navigate the pathway and provide you with the tools to move to the next level in your career, business or simply help you become the best version of yourself.

The NLP/Hypnosis combination

Neuro Linguistic Programming is a fast acting tool to guide your personal and professional development and help you achieve the changes you want to make in your life.

Hypnosis is an altered state of mind that takes place outside of our conscious awareness. While still fully aware and in control, we can access insights and ‘aha’ moments more quickly when tapping into this natural and relaxed state of mind.

The combination of NLP and hypnosis facilitates fast change.  Working together we tap into your  fears, anxieties, emotions, limiting beliefs and self-talk to develop strategies and frameworks so you can create a new mindset and embrace the fear less and live more philosophy.

Mindset Coaching Programs

Everyone is unique, which is why our MindHeart Mindshape mindset programs come in different forms. You can select from one of the two programs - either Hear Me Roar or Discover My Roar.

You can read below to see which you feel is right for you.

If you're unsure which is the best fit, reach out for a chat. This will allow us to explore where you're at, where you'd like to be and how I can best help you get there.



The ‘Find My Roar’, coaching program is an individually tailored to provide you with remarkable changes in your mindset to achieve your vision, goals and dreams.  You will quickly experience insights and mindset improvements in the way you respond to daily situations as you negotiate the path of positive change and find the courage to Fear Less and Live More.

Duration - 16 weeks comprising fortnightly coaching sessions for 1 - 1.5 hours.

I am available to contact via Messenger and will set you tasks to complete and contact you weekly to make sure you are on track.

I will guide you as you let go of apprehension, limiting beliefs and blocks, negative emotions and the critical self-talk that has been holding you back from fearlessly and happily forging your life’s path.

By discovering your true values and goals we can develop strategies and create new habits for you to embrace and enjoy.  You will discover your hidden jewels and talents that have long been ignored or forgotten and set you on your new life pathway.


This breakthrough program is for those who need a ‘quick fix’ to assist with a particular challenge and don’t have time to engage in the Hear Me Roar program.  This program is not recommended for those transitioning through life change, rather for those who have either been coached by me before or are wanting results in a specific area of their life in a hurry.

This program is also beneficial as an introductory program before delving into the longer Hear Me Roar program.

Duration – one session of 4 hours, followed one week later by a 6 hour session.  Both sessions are conducted online.


I signed up for Corrine's Hypnotherapy Programme hoping it would help me reduce, not give up, alcohol. I have a successful career and had been a high-functioning alcoholic for nearly 20 years. I'd tried several other methods, all of which were short lived. I'm not only excited to say it has been successful - I'm now down to 2-3 drinks a night, and 3 AFDs a week, but I got several unexpected benefits like improved confidence, have laid issues from my past to rest and am generally more calm.

Corrine is a delight to work with - she genuinely cares, is kind and non-judgemental, and will flex her programme to suit your individual needs. I would highly recommend her for life's issues, taking your career or business to the next level, or helping you to become the best version of yourself.

Catrina (not her real name), South Australia, February 2020


I have just completed a twelve-week personal development course with Corrine Allison, which was individually tailored to my personal needs.  I am amazed by the rapid changes I can see in my own mindset and outlook on life, together with the improved way in which I respond to daily situations, BUT, to top it off, I now sleep so much better.  How fabulous it is not to be awake at 3.00am unable to go back to sleep. Lionheart Mindset.  Fear Less, Live More.  This says it all in my experience.

I have absolutely no hesitation in recommending Corrine and Lionheart Mindset.  Her professionalism, coupled with a passion for what she does, as well as her ability to use language that can be easily understood is second to none.

Alison, South Australia, July 2019

How To Get Started

To get started, simply follow the three steps below. I can't wait to help you transform your personal life or career.

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Step 3 Create Change

If we both decide we're a good fit to work together, we'll set the date for our first session to begin creating change in your life or career.

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