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We love guiding our clients and watching them grow as they tap into their new insights and skills.  We are proud to be a part of this personal enlightenment experience as we tap into our own FearLess LionHeart, supporting and caring for those we serve.

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Whether you are seeking business services or mindset coaching, we provide support and guidance as you fearlessly forge new directions.  We set you up to win, time and again.

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Our purpose is to provide people with the skills and tools they need to evolve to be the best version of themselves.  Whether you are seeking mindset or business services, we are here for you.

Mindset and Business Coaching Adelaide.

Are you being called to honour your authentic self, while also positively impacting those in your personal and professional circle?

Lionheart Society supports individuals, leaders and managers who are looking to become the best versions of themselves.

If you want to forge a new pathway in life by gaining clarity about what you truly want, to take the lead in a calm, assertive way, and empower those you influence, Lionheart Society has what you’re looking for.

The LionHeart; Fear Less, Live More philosophy, is based simply on stepping up and out of our comfort zone, and letting the magic of life happen.  At LionHeart Society, we guide you to become comfortable with being uncomfortable in your quest for a more fulfilled life.

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We Often Live In Our Comfort Zones For Many Reasons...

  • we fear failure,
  • we fear success,
  • and we fear the judgement of ourselves and others.

Together, we will create a plan for you to develop your sense of self, become comfortable with being a risk taker and reap the rewards of pushing through to your growth zone.

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Whether the changes you want to make in life are personal or business oriented, the steps are similar and we offer two service streams:

Lionheart Mindset

If you are ‘stuck’ in your career or relationship, the empty nest has left a gaping hole within you or life simply isn’t what you had hoped for, our individually tailored programs empower you to create a life you can love.

We explore the reasons why your life has not taken the course you had hoped and push through the challenges you face, as you rediscover your hidden jewels and talents and forge your way to setting and achieving new life plans.

Within this coaching program you will establish your values, gain clarity on your ‘why’ and your purpose as you work persistently and creatively to sustain your new mindset of planning, assessing and taking action toward your long and short term goals.

No longer feeling stuck, you will move through your challenges with confidence and positive intent as we guide you to develop your new goals and strategies.

When you are empowered to be the Captain of your ship, you can consciously and fearlessly lead your life and business knowing with all certainty your strategies and actions are aligned with your values spiritually, mentally and emotionally.

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Lionheart Business Management

Successful leaders and managers understand the benefits and importance emotional and cultural intelligence have on business success.  In today’s world of business, IQ is not enough – you need to be an emotionally intelligent, business savvy operator.  We can guide you to improved business success by providing leadership, strategy, operational and change management solutions while also upskilling you to become a more astute, emotionally and culturally intelligent leader.  Its been proven year on year amongst the Top Fortune 500 CEOs that emotionally intelligent leaders enjoy greater business success with the benefits clearly displayed in their triple bottom line – people, planet and profit.

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Client Feedback


Jason, Queensland

Corrine offers an insightful and practical way of helping you negotiate the path of positive change and gives
you skills and simple tools to affect these changes.
I highly recommend you try working with her to improve your ability to initiate positive change.


Michelle, Adelaide

Corrine knows how to connect and take you places you definitely want to go, to find yourself, your answers toward your goals, whilst knowing you're heard and safe in her knowledgeable presence.  I just can't get enough and  I'm so glad I took this first step down this amazing self growth road.

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