Lead Yourself,

In Life And Business

Corrine Allison Lionheart Society

Are You Being Called To Honour Your Authentic Self, while Positively Impacting Those In Your Personal & Professional Circle?

Lionheart Society supports individuals, leaders and managers looking to become the best versions of themselves.

If you want to forge a new pathway in life by gaining clarity about what you truly want, to take the lead in a calm, assertive way, and empower those you influence, Lionheart Society has what you’re looking for.

The LionHeart; Lead Yourself, In Life and Business philosophy is based on stepping up and out of our comfort zone, and letting the magic of life happen. At LionHeart Society, we guide you to become comfortable with being uncomfortable in your quest for a more fulfilled life.

We Often Live In Our Comfort Zones

  • fear failure,
  • we fear successs
  • and we fear the judgement of ourselves and others.

Together, we will create a plan for you to develop your sense of self, become comfortable with being a risk taker and reap the rewards of pushing through to your growth zone.

Whether The Changes You Want To Make In Life Are Personal Or Business Oriented, Here’s How To Get Started…

Your mind will take the shape of what you frequently hold in thought, for the human spirit is coloured by such impressions

Marcus Aurelius

Corrine offers an insightful and practical way of helping you negotiate the path of positive change and gives you skills and simple tools to affect these changes.

I highly recommend you try working with her to improve your ability to initiate positive change.

Jason, Queensland